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Stylishly Scary Halloween Looks for Your Front Door

Halloween in New Zealand is fast becoming a stylishly sophisticated affair to celebrate from years gone by. The creativity unleashed that we seen in the costumes of the kids discovering their artistic talents (or mums!) to the adults face painting for parties. I was at the City of 100 Lovers musical last night at Sky City and passed through the Casino section to get there when I came face to face with grisly ghouls that had absolutely amazing stage makeup! The creativity was unsurpassed!. To get your home ready - here are a few tricks to give your entrance /porch a halloween treat! It can be easy to use what you already have around your door with a few topiary pumpkins in a pot, a rack of witches brooms, cardboard bats, masses of white tulle and lastly the black wreath on the door. Great tips to get organised for the day when the kids come calling here ... Watch this space for a daily how to on what to make for a fabulous front entrance!

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