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Presenting Pot Plants

Looking at a real estate listing, on the face of it, of a stunning multi-million dollar home today. But as I went through the pics I was stuck at the entrance staring at the accidental prime focal point of a plant with dead brown tips. I didn’t bother looking at the rest of the home which made me reflect why.

Normally I find solutions with staging challenges and at times, after the owner has unleashed me to present their property in the best possible light, I let things remain in houses that although aren’t the best to keep on display, are not deal breakers to leave on show. Mainly when doing partial stages and enhancements. Displaying dead plants or spindly tired plants with dead tips and leaves takes away from the overall level of presentation of a home and thus is a deal breaker no no as it makes the overall look of a room scruffy. Best to always either pop in the garage on viewing and photo days and buy a replacement new plant to pop in a gorgeous pot instead. Having sick-looking plants or those with dead tips as many peace lilies easily attract, surprisingly provides a focus point you don’t want buyers to be distracted by.

Four tips on presenting your pot plants when staging your home:

1. Keep them clean and tidy: Ensure the pots and plants are clean, free from dust, and in healthy condition

2. Colour coordination: Consider the colours of the plants and how they complement or contrast with their surroundings. Bight-coloured plants ie those with red or pink flowers tend to be very polarising with buyers and create an unwanted focal point .

3. Lighting: Place pot plants in areas with good lighting and even under a light as it can add warmth and dimension to a room.

4. Don't overcrowd: Avoid overcrowding the space with too many plants as it can create a cluttered look. Less is more rule here.

Remember staging is about showcasing your plants in the best light so they complement the overall look of the room and don't demand being a major focal point distracting from the impact of the room. Follow these tips and you will have the most visually appealing and inviting presentation.



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